Collection : YUKTA

A collaboration of styles and cultures form the structure of our 19th and 20th century inspired collection, Yukta. Elegant paisleys from the Steiner collection are transformed into elaborately detailed embroideries and sit perfectly alongside traditional silky jacquard damasks with a modern tiedye twist. Historic floral artworks have been given a new lease of life as luxurious velvet single colour jacquards and extravagant velvet prints with an over dye to create a worn vintage feel. The highlight of the collection is a lavishly embroidered French Indienne design inspired by traditional Indian textiles, which has been coated on top giving this fabric an aged antique effect. This collection is designed to pay homage to these remarkable artworks and showcase them in all of their glory. Bold stripes, strong textures, dainty geometrics and subtle plains compliment these unique fabrics and balance out the collection. A regal palette of royal blues, rich boysenberries, sumptuous plums, earthy greens, cognac yellows and fresh pinks further enhance this classic look.

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