Toro Juniper Pagoda Sora Sabi Juniper Boro Thyme


collection 2015
Juniper is a tribute to understated luxurious living that stands the test of time.The collection embraces a range of finely crafted fabrics; rich velvets with a palette of distressed textures.
Drawing inspiration from Nature-the deep mystical blues with botanical forest greens breathe life into your homes.
Misho Juniper Edo Juniper
Bonsai Juniper Naiya Aquarelle Pagoda Sora Edo Juniper Toro Juniper
Meisho Juniper Kami Evergreen Edo Juniper Kamikaze Juniper Fuji Sora Kata Juniper
Kami Evergreen Kamikaze Juniper
Sabi Juniper Niwa Sora Shinui Sora Boku Cobble Cushion Left-Right Niwa Cherry Blossom
Washi Sora Ema Sora Sabi Aquarelle Sabi Aquarelle Sabi Juniper Niwa Sora Shinui Sora Boku Cobble